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Visualization Simulation Title

  • We offer full service in the field of 2D and 3D visualization, starting with the ideation up to the entrepreneurial implementation. With visualizations you present your product attractively and in the highest quality in marketing. Tools for light simulation with physically correct lighting and high-end visualization help customers in decision making and product qualification - in interior design for airplanes, trains, ships, industrial halls or living spaces.

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VIP Cabin
  • VIP Cabin

    3D visualization

  • High-end visualization: Presentations in 2D or 3D for the VIP and VVIP interior cabin market are a useful enhancement and complement to the services offered by providers, completion centers, OEMs and planning teams. High-quality 3D visualizations of the entire cabin significantly support the development process of a VIP cabin with relevant image information.
    360° View

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VIP cabin detail
  • VIP Cabin


  • Details of acquisition presentations for the VIP and VVIP interior cabin market: high-quality tableware, valuable silverware and hand-sanded glasses in high-end renderings.

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Hall Planning
  • Hall Planning

  • Visualization in the planning process for the hall of the model wind tunnel for the DLR Institute in Göttingen/ Germany: We discussed various layout concepts and implemented and documented the corporate design of the DLR with RAL definitions.

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Light and Geometry synergy
  • Light & Geometry


  • In addition to lighting concepts and physically correct lighting simulations, we also offer industrial design of the surrounding surfaces to optimize the results, e.g. in terms of luminous efficiency. With over 30 years of experience in industrial design, ergonomics and human factors, we focus on the interaction between geometry, light sources, lighting unit positions and surface materials. By simulating different lighting scenarios, we are able to optimize results and verify the compliance with specific requirements.

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Lighting simulation galley
  • Lighting


  • We offer physically correct lighting simulations and lighting optimization for aircraft cabins, other passenger compartments or architectural projects (interior and exterior). Ergonomic planning and analysis of illumination levels, e.g. at workplaces (represented in false color renderings), support the planning process at an early stage and validate the fulfilment of specific requirements or customer needs.

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CFK Sculpture
  • CFK sculpture
  • High End 3D Visualization of an architectural object including lighting scenarios for Bureau for Advanced Tectonics / CFK Valley

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