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Science Title
  • Science R&T

  • The research and development of innovative products is closely linked to their appearance. At the interface between research results and exploitation for market launch, we help to make the product attractive to the largest possible target group. What is possible in the future? That is an important question - we find answers in collaboration with our customers.

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DLR Spaceliner
  • DLR Spaceliner

  • Prof. Werner Granzeier and iDS support the DLR Spaceliner concept development, with interior layouts and exterior design concept studies. Project lead: Dr.-Ing. Martin Sippel, DLR, German Aerospace Center, Bremen/Germany.

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DLR Spaceliner Cargo
  • DLR Spaceliner
    Cargo Version
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AC20.40 Cabin Design
  • AC20.40

    Cabin Design

  • The project is supported by iDS with layout concepts, ergonomics studies, exterior graphic design and visualisation. An airworthy model has already been developed by Prof. Werner Granzeier, HAW professors and their students (scale 1:30, wing span 2.70m). Various exterior, interior and research projects are in progress.

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Advanced Reentry Vehicle
  • ARV

  • The ARV (Advanced Reentry Vehicle) is a project of the European Space Agency (ESA): It can be used as a feeder to transport cargo, astronauts and passengers as tourists to the ISS and back to Earth. With this project, we are entering a new field of expertise: living and working in zero-gravity conditions. For the first time, ergonomic and attractive design meets uncompromising lightweight construction and individual passenger comfort. Project lead: Prof. Werner Granzeier.

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  • A380 Underfloor
    KATO R&T project
  • Development of several interior design studies with a holistic approach regarding "light, fragrance and sound" and definition of scenarios for boarding, in-flight and landing/deboarding in cooperation with the Airbus project lead. The virtual 3D development was complemented by a 1:1 experimental Mock Up and a full-scale functional Mock Up with adjustable light, fragrance and sound parameters.

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Lighting Mockup
  • Various research institutions have already proven that human well-being can be increased by special light colors and intensities. By using appropriate methods, mood lighting can be generated that has a positive effect on human well-being. These effects can be researched with the support of such a lighting mock-up and then be adapted to an aircraft cabin. The Lighting Mock Up was showcased at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2007.

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Crash Effects project


  • In cooperation with AIRBUS Operations Deutschland, EADS, TU Harburg, DLR, IBAG and TÜV Rheinland Group, iDS has developed a widebody cabin optimized for crash conditions. Cabin parts were tested and optimized under crash conditions. The project was completed in 2004. The results have since been published at various sessions.

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  • Research project together with AIRBUS and DIEHL:
    PRM (person with reduced mobility) - optimized lavatory with standard footprint, sensor-controlled voice-operated, colour-optimized for visual impaired people, accessible with onboard wheelchair.
    Ecolav Virtual Tour

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  • Safetybox

  • This aircraft interior concept is based on a monocoque cabin designed to minimize possible injuries to pilots and passengers of the 4-seater aircraft. This research project was a cooperation between Flight Design, the Fibre Institute in Bremen, Autoflug and iDS.

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  • Flyship


  • iDS developed this interior and exterior design study on behalf of a research institution. The wing-ground effect vehicle (Ekranoplan) flies similar to pelicans at low altitude above the water surface using the wing-ground effect. The low altitude makes the vehicle more efficient than conventional aircraft and it can be operated according to the rules of navigation. The Flyship can carry up to 80 passengers.

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