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  • Especially in long-term life cycles, design is a strategic element as well as a direct factor for profitability in the development and production of high-quality products. When independent aesthetics and emotional factors are combined with logical functionality and qualified ergonomics, lasting success and high market acceptance for a product are guaranteed.

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MHG Heating
  • Heating

    Eco Star 500

  • Housing for the products of MHG Heiztechnik (formerly MAN Heiztechnik), a leading premium manufacturer of heating systems, consequently covering the entire product range. The EcoStar 500 not only represents the precision and quality of the products, but also gives them their own identity with a high-quality appearance. The special blue color accent used consistently reflects MHG's corporate design. The products are currently being sold successfully, especially in the European markets.

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Helicopter seat
  • Helicopter seat

  • Helicopter seats have to meet very high standards, especially in terms of lightweight construction, ergonomics, emergency landing conditions and crash scenarios. The design of the pilot seat reflects these high technological standards. The prototype has been successfully presented at various trade fairs. Customer: R&D, Fischer und Entwicklungen from Landshut / Germany

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  • Insert Sink

    PRIMA 45

  • The design for the sink included a 1:1 scaled functional model. It was developed in 2006 for Eurodomo Haustechnik GmbH and has a very scratch-resistant surface which is also very easy to clean. Currently, the sink is still offered in many European markets as a very successful serial product.

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Hearing Device
  • Hearing aid

  • Many hearing impaired people in our ageing society need better support when using hearing aids, which are essential for communicating with their environment. iDS has developed a number of design concepts for hearing aids including a charging station that take into account different requirements and health conditions. This new generation of hearing aids combines new technologies with special ergonomic functions and high-quality industrial design for high-tech healthcare products.

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Solar carport
  • Solar Carport


  • To achieve high-quality 3D visualizations of architectural or transportation projects in an atmospheric photorealistic environment and to present projects in an impressive way, we work with seasonally appropriate vegetation, different lighting scenarios (e.g. day and night) and with the consideration of many small details that add life to the scenes.

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